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Our mission is to protect what matters — the physical, emotional and financial well-being of our clients and their people.

Spherica and its partners have developed solutions to common problems that you are unlikely to hear about from anyone else. While the big insurance brokerages are focused on getting a client through another twelve months of increased insurance costs, Spherica is helping clients build multi-year solutions with permanence, sustainability and long-term success.

Our ideal client is the person or team that is tired of running with the herd, expecting something better, but has been forced to face the reality that most insurance people are not capable of getting them to a better place. Maybe it is your time for expectations and reality to align.

We started the parent company of Spherica in 2001 after working in health care delivery (cardiology, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and family practice) for several years. Much of our focus in medicine had been on quality care, sustainable pricing and a human touch to patient care. At the time, patients were referred to by their conditions instead of their names. Insurance companies and their policies were lackluster and getting worse, Big Pharma began driving drug development at a rapid pace, and the trajectory of costs was problematic. This has only become more challenging for most organizations and their people.

In our college years, Sandy and I gained what would become invaluable experience working in an industry where client service and performance were a priority for success — the hospitality industry. We both worked at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, and we learned from the best what phenomenal service looks and feels like. We asked ourselves, “Why can’t we apply hospitality principles to health care?”

That was the beginning of a three-decade journey that has brought us to where we are today. We have assembled a team of professionals and formulated a unique approach to position each client in a program optimized for their success.

Today, we have integrated cost management tools that solve the problems that keep organizations from enjoying increased protection and financial security for their benefits and commercial insurance needs.

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Co-Founder & CEO,

Dan & Sandy Dearden

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