Full-Service Disruption


A company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation

The Problem

Our society is getting sicker, both physically and mentally. This decline has become worse nationally and in every region of the country. Since 2020, most employers have seen increased spending for medical care and pharma due to the detrimental effects of a more stressful environment. The health care delivery system is not financially sustainable because health insurance is focused on managing the impact of cost upon its subscribers, not on the root cause of excessive costs from disease and misuse of care.

The problem has two components — 1) People are experiencing too many claims due to risk and poor health; and 2) Patients (and their employers) are paying too much for care and drugs.

The Solution

Work with us to build a benefits program and culture that are designed to improve the whole person. You invest a lot of time and money in your employees. Helping them become healthier, happier and more productive is great for business. Plus, it reinforces their satisfaction with your organization, and it is less costly to do it right than not!

Your Spherica consultant will spend time exploring what the ideal program looks like for your organization. Some components apply to every employer group; others are designed specifically with the unique needs of the people in mind. Either way, we will guide you to the optimal program to achieve your goals.

Data-Driven Intelligence To Control Costs

Are you tired of switching insurance carriers to control costs in your organization? Our team of professionals are here to help by working with you to build a long-term strategy and enhance the health and financial well-being of you and your people. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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